Quotes and Reactions

"A free, oblique narrative strategy! ... A rebellious feat! ... An amazing number of stars!"

Robert Bramkamp, Professor of Film at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, "Art Girls"

"Oscillating between love story, thriller and commedia dell'arte, (it possesses) the complexity of Goethe's Elective Affinities (and) could be placed among the works of Aki Kaurismaki, Lars von Trier, Luis Bunuel or Jean-Pierre Jeunet."

Dieter Schweinlin, imdb commentary

"It's a kind of cinematic roller-coaster, but with lots of brains under its rails. Take a ride, but remember: do so at your own risk!"

Denis Ikonnikov, imdb commentary

"An interesting way to tell this story."

Vincent Lucassen, Producer, "Michael Haneke - Liebe zum Kino"

"Great, dark, European cinema."

Anna Cobb, Film Sales, Under the Milky Way

"This (is the) most brilliant example of bizarre European cinema."

Vadim Rutkowski in "Snob" magazine article after the 63rd Moscow International Film Festival

"A wild departure from Being John Malkovich"

Leda Timofeeva in "Cine Fantom" Article

"The Genital Warriors" is a colorful bouquet of flowers with heart-refreshing thumbnails. Quirky, whimsical and one-of-a-kind. A must-see movie!"

Sören Hüper, Producer, Director and Writer, "Toilets"

"Askew. I loved the episode with the children."

Babette Schröder, Producer,
"The Counterfeiters"

"Really great. Wonderfully quirky ideas and really good actors."

Gustav Mechlenburg, Publisher, Textem Verlag

"I really liked it."

Heinz Badewitz, Director of Hofer Filmtage

"That movie is awesome. Insanely imaginative, totally crazy, and downright funny."

Ralf Junker, musician and actor

"A post-modern Dadaist masterpiece! An identity farce! The anthem of a parallel universe! I love this movie!!!"

Patrick Knorr, screenplay writer
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